Why XP needed in the Game Industry

What we are afraid of in the Game Industry
  • Schedule Slips (oops, we missed Christmas)
  • Project is cancelled (company goes under?)
  • Game is no fun (bad sales and reviews)
  • Game has technical problems or is obsolete technically (bad sales and reviews)
  • Market Change (our game becomes obsolete)
  • Staff turnover (delays game even further)
A quite familiar situation
  • You hit technical difficulties that move back the whole schedule
  • Key people in the team leave
  • Your publisher decides it want something different
What happens next?
  • Schedule trashing
  • Crunch time. Pressure
  • Bugs introduced left and right. Quality decreases.
  • People are burned out and leave.
Why XP needed here?
  • Crystal development process
  • Adaptive software development
  • Dynamic solution delivery model
  • Feature-driven development